Chapter 2

Identifying the Major Elements of a Sentence


check Finding verbs in statements and questions

check Distinguishing between action and linking verbs

check Adding meaning with helping verbs

check Locating the subject in every type of sentence

check Forming noun plurals

check Identifying complements and objects

Cops trying to crack a case often create a line-up. A possible suspect appears with several other people who could not have committed the crime. Behind one-way glass, a witness stares at the group and then chooses — That’s him! When you crack a sentence, you face a line-up too — the words in the sentence. In this chapter, you practice identifying the major criminals … er, I mean elements of a sentence: the verb, the subject, and the complement or object. Because subjects are often nouns and you frequently need to determine whether you have a singular or plural subject, I throw in a little ...

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