6The BIVEE Framework and the Collaborative Innovation Capability Maturity Model (CICMM)

Similar to most software development projects, the business innovation in virtual enterprise environment (BIVEE) solutions are also based on a framework to provide a guiding structure. The BIVEE framework is described within this chapter, starting with its objectives and methodological rooting. Additionally, the concept of the collaborative innovation capability maturity model (CICMM) is described, which is a model for the assessment of a network’s management maturity and conformity concerning collaborative innovation management.

One main notion of the BIVEE project is the differentiation between the innovation space and the production space of virtual enterprises. Accordingly, the BIVEE framework supports this approach in order to provide specific structure for both parts of the collaboration. The BIVEE framework differs between improvement processes that mainly appear within the production space and innovation projects emerging from the business space. Due to the addition of a separate monitoring framework (MF), the BIVEE framework is composed of three subframeworks (Figure 6.1):

  1. – The construction of the BIVEE framework is based on the virtual enterprise modeling framework (VEMF). It contains a framework for the general setup of the virtual enterprise, and defines its production processes by providing a modeling framework for the general structure of operative business.
  2. – The second part ...

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