Page numbers followed by f and t refer to figures and tables, respectively.

Accounts payable, 121–123

Accounts receivable (A/R), 64, 112–121

about, 112–114

average daily sales, 120

collection system of, 114–119

days receivable, 119

days sales outstanding, 121

and debt financing, 217

dollars saved, 121

Accrual accounting, 45–49, 45f, 47f, 48f

Acid-test ratio, 68t

Acquisitions, 28–32, 307

AirTran Airways, 153

AKAR, 291–293, 292f

Allen, Paul, 31–32

ALS (Amicus Legal Staffing, Inc.), 150

Altoids, 303

cash gap, 126

gross margins, 89t

Mechanical Turk service, 326

raising capital, 185

valuation of, 174

Amelio, Gil, 132

America Online (AOL), 175–176

American Express, 278

Amicus Legal Staffing, Inc. (ALS), 150

Angel Capital Association, ...

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