Chapter 7. Conclusion

By now you should be up and running with Enyo. You’ve seen the major features of Enyo and dabbled with many of the minor ones. Enyo, while remaining small, fast, and focused, has a lot of power and there is still more to learn. I encourage you to go out and interact with the Enyo community through the Enyo forums and the #enyojs IRC channel (you’ll find me there under the handle Roy__).

Enyo is an active project and there are always new features and updates being worked on. At the time of this writing, a data-binding framework was being developed and is available in a beta form on GitHub. Follow Enyo on Twitter and read the official Enyo blog for the latest news and events.

Finally, I encourage you to share your thoughts on this book with me. I intend for this book to also be an active project that attempts to keep pace with the changes to Enyo. Keep up with the latest updates, errata, and more at this book’s O’Reilly page.

Now, get out there and start using Enyo. Who knows? Your boss may come to your desk and ask you to produce a fantastic cross-platform app….

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