Testing the Example

This section presents two test scenarios:

  • Test case 1: InsuranceClaim is started, the EvaluateClaim task is completed with an outcome of requiresAnalysis, the AnalyzeClaim task times out, and the EscalateClaim task is completed with an acceptance.

  • Test Case 2: InsuranceClaim is started and, after a short time, is killed.

Test Case 1: Accepted on Escalation

To start, open the BPEL administrative console in a browser. The URL for the default, out-of-the-box domain is http://localhost:9700/BPELConsole/login.jsp. Log in using the password bpel. The first page to come up after login is the Dashboard, shown in Figure 10-11, which lists the currently deployed processes. If you do not see the InsuranceClaim and InsuranceClaimKiller processes, open BPEL Designer and build and deploy each of them by selecting BPEL Build and Deploy BPEL Project.

Oracle BPEL Console Dashboard
Figure 10-11. Oracle BPEL Console Dashboard

Clicking on InsuranceClaim brings up the initiation test form, as shown in Figure 10-12.

Process Initiate for InsuranceClaim
Figure 10-12. Process Initiate for InsuranceClaim

Enter the data shown for id and data, and click Post XML Message to start the process. Within a moment of initiation, the EvaluateClaim task is assigned to an agent. To see the task, navigate to the task list page at http://localhost:9700/BPELConsole/default/tasks.jsp ...

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