The goal of all the planning, testing, and preparation is to make this last step, the implementation, as boring as possible. The best thing that can be said after any technology and process implementation is that it was no big deal and everything just worked. As mentioned at the beginning of the chapter, this is an easy task if you have done your planning. Microsoft documented the steps that the setup wizard goes through—however, there are critical database and management server installation steps that should be examined. The planning is already done, so you have the necessary responses for the setup of the individual components.

The order of the component setup is just as important as the setup of the individual components themselves. Figure 2-3 is the build process for Leaky Faucet’s MOM 2005 environment.

The MOM 2005 build order at Leaky Faucet

Figure 2-3. The MOM 2005 build order at Leaky Faucet

Leaky Faucet’s MOM 2005 build consists of two separate management groups, the preproduction and the production groups—LKFPreProd and LKFProd.

Before step 1 of the build, the management server action account and the DAS account are created, as well as the desired domain groups. Because there is a domain-wide AD group policy for password expiration, a special OU is created for service accounts. This account does not have the password expiration policy applied to it since the “do not inherit group policy” feature is ...

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