Installation Specifics

The 12-step build list is very broad and covers more of the life cycle than is necessary to simply run and install MOM. The installation of the MOM 2005 operations database and the first management server starts here.

The installation of the production management group starts on the production SQL Server LKFProdOpsDB (step 2 in the 12-step build list). SQL 2000 has already been installed and SP3A applied. Log on with an account that has local administrator rights to the server and launch the MOM 2005 setup from the MOM CD. This brings up the Setup Resources page shown in Figure 2-4.

The MOM 2005 setup start page

Figure 2-4. The MOM 2005 setup start page

This is where all MOM 2005 setup tasks can be initiated, as well as accessing the online documentation and the prerequisite checker. Select the Install Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 option. The next three pages are the welcome page, the end-user license agreement (to which you must agree in order to continue), and the product registration page. On the product registration page, enter the 25-digit CD key (if that field is not already populated). Proceed through these three pages to the Installation Options page (see Figure 2-5). Select the Custom option.

To perform anything but an all-in-one installation (all components on the same server), you must choose the Custom option. This option allows you to install and uninstall individual components ...

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