Using InfoPath Forms Services

MOSS Enterprise Edition includes InfoPath Forms Services. These server-side components integrate with SharePoint to provide the ability to:

  • View and edit completed InfoPath forms using Internet Explorer 6.0 or later—InfoPath does not have to be installed on the client.

  • Convert from InfoPath XML form data to ASPX web pages.

  • Manage deployed InfoPath templates through SharePoint Central Administration.

The following sections explore those features in more detail. They assume that you are using MOSS Enterprise Edition.

Publishing Browser-Compatible Templates

When you publish a template to a web site that is running InfoPath Forms Services, the Publishing Wizard enables the option shown in Figure 10-19.

Publishing to an Enterprise server enables new features

Figure 10-19. Publishing to an Enterprise server enables new features

To see how Edit in Browser works:

  1. Publish the template and select "Enable this form to be filled out by using a browser," as shown in Figure 10-19. If that option does not appear, InfoPath Forms Services are not running on the SharePoint server.

  2. Once the template is published, SharePoint adds the Edit in Browser option to the form's Edit menu.

  3. Select Edit in Browser from the form's Edit menu. SharePoint displays the form in Edit mode as shown in Figure 10-20.

Editing an InfoPath form in the browser

Figure 10-20. Editing an InfoPath ...

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