13.3.2 Semibatch Operation

Example 13-4 Heat Effects in a Semibatch Reactor

The second-order saponification of ethyl acetate is to be carried out in a semibatch reactor shown schematically below in Figure E13-4.1.


Aqueous sodium hydroxide is to be fed at a concentration of 1 kmol/m3, a temperature of 300 K, and a volumetric rate of 0.004 m3/s to an initial volume of 0.2 m3 of water and ethyl acetate. The concentration of water in the feed, CW0, is 55 kmol/m3. The initial concentrations of ethyl acetate and water in the reactor are 5 kmol/m3 and 30.7 kmol/m3, respectively. The reaction is exothermic and it is necessary to add a heat exchanger ...

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