Note: Page numbers followed by “f” and “t” refer to figures and tables, respectively.


Abuse of information and knowledge, 50–51
abuse of machines against humans, 51
machines use to block human abuse, 51
Academy of Gundishapur (Iran), 7
Action (F) → (*) ← object (NO) based processors and machines
architectural configurations of advanced processors, 196–200
concept processor unit and concept machine, 199, 200f
KPU and system, 196–197
WmPU and machine, 200
HT and SP, 188–190, 189f, 191f
instructions and processors for humanistic functions, 190–195
OPC-OPR based objects oriented OPU systems, 191–195
OPC-OPR based traditional computer systems, 190–191
social ...

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