The 70-270 Cram Sheet

The 70-270 Cram Sheet


  1. Know the differences between ACPI and APM when installing the OS, as well as the ramifications if the wrong one is in place after installation.

  2. Know all the following processes for unattended and Remote Installation Service (RIS) installations:

    • winnt.sif—. Used to automate CD-ROM-based installs.

    • sysprep.inf—. The answer file for System Preparation (Sysprep) installs.

    • winnt.exe with the /u, /s, and /udf switches—. Used for unattended installations.

    • winnt32.exe and unattend.txt—. Automate an upgrade to Windows XP.

    • Requirements for RIS are Active Directory, DNS, and DHCP.

  3. winnt32.exe with the checkupgradeonly ...

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