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Exam Ref 70-339: Managing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016

Book Description

Prepare for Microsoft Exam 70-339–and help demonstrate your real-world mastery of planning, configuring, and managing Microsoft SharePoint 2016 core technologies in datacenters, in the cloud, and in hybrid environments. Designed for experienced IT pros ready to advance their status, this Exam Ref focuses on the critical-thinking and decision-making acumen needed for success at the MCSE level.

Focus on the skills measured on the exam:
• Design SharePoint infrastructure
• Plan authentication and security
• Plan workload optimization
• Plan productivity solutions
• Manage search capabilities
• Plan and configure cloud services
• Monitor and optimize a SharePoint environment

This Microsoft Exam Ref:
• Organizes its coverage by the “Skills measured” posted on the exam webpage
• Features strategic, what-if scenarios to challenge you
• Provides exam preparation tips
• Points to in-depth material by topic for exam candidates needing additional review
• Assumes experience planning and maintaining SharePoint and related core technologies, including Windows Server 2012 R2 or later, Internet Information Services (IIS), Microsoft SQL Server 2014 or later, Active Directory, and networking infrastructure services 

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication Page
  5. Contents at a glance
  6. Contents
  7. Introduction
    1. Organization of this book
    2. Microsoft certifications
    3. Acknowledgements
    4. Free ebooks from Microsoft Press
    5. Microsoft Virtual Academy
    6. Errata, updates, & book support
    7. We want to hear from you
    8. Stay in touch
  8. Chapter 1. Design SharePoint Infrastructure
    1. Skill: Design information architecture
      1. Design information architecture
      2. Design a logical architecture
      3. Design a physical architecture
    2. Skill: Plan an installation
      1. Identifying and configuring installation prerequisites
      2. Implement scripted deployment
      3. Plan Access Services deployment
      4. Implement patch slipstreaming
      5. Plan and install language packs
      6. Plan and configure service connection points
      7. Plan installation tracking and auditing
      8. Plan and install Office Online Server
      9. Implement managed paths for Office 365 migrations
      10. Configure SharePoint hybrid cloud settings
    3. Skill: Plan a hybrid cloud environment
      1. Plan for deployment of Office Online
      2. Configure server-to-server authentication
      3. Configure OAuth
      4. Configure audiences and hybrid features
    4. Summary
    5. Thought experiment
    6. Thought experiment answer
  9. Chapter 2. Authentication and security
    1. Skill: Plan and configure authentication
      1. Plan and configure Windows authentication
      2. Plan and configure anonymous authentication
      3. Plan connection encryption
      4. Plan and configure identity federation
      5. Configure claims providers
      6. Configure S2S intraserver and OAuth authentication
      7. Configure connections to the Access Control Service
      8. Configure authentication for hybrid cloud deployments
    2. Skill: Plan and configure authorization
      1. Plan and configure SharePoint users and groups
      2. Plan and configure People Picker
      3. Plan and configure sharing
      4. Plan and configure permission inheritance
      5. Plan and configure anonymous access
      6. Plan web application policies
    3. Skill: Plan and configure platform and farm security
      1. Plan and configure security isolation
      2. Plan and configure services lockdown
      3. Plan and configure antivirus settings
      4. Plan and configure certificate management
      5. Plan for Kerberos support for service applications
      6. Plan and configure Information Rights Management
      7. Plan and configure delegated farm administration
      8. Plan and configure delegated service application administration
      9. Plan and configure managed accounts
      10. Plan and configure blocked file types
      11. Plan and configure Web Part security
    4. Skill: Create and configure a User Profile service application (UPA)
      1. Configure a UPA application
      2. Configure social permissions
      3. Plan and configure sync connections of MIM 2016 synchronization
      4. Configure profile properties
      5. Configure claims integration with UPA
    5. Skill: Manage site and site collection security
      1. Manage site access requests
      2. Manage app permissions
      3. Manage anonymous access
      4. Manage permission inheritance
      5. Configure permission levels
      6. Configure HTML field security
    6. Skill: Provision and configure web applications
      1. Create managed paths
      2. Configure alternate access mappings
      3. Configuring SharePoint Designer settings
    7. Summary
    8. Thought experiment
    9. Thought experiment answer
  10. Chapter 3. Workload optimization
    1. Skill: Create and maintain site collections
      1. Configure Fast Site Collection Creation
      2. Configure host header site collections
      3. Configure self-service site creation
      4. Maintain site owners
      5. Maintain site quotas
      6. Configure site policies
      7. Configure a team mailbox
      8. Plan Sites page pinning
    2. Skill: Plan SharePoint high availability and disaster recovery
      1. Plan for service distribution
      2. Plan for service instance configuration
      3. Plan for physical server distribution
      4. Plan for network redundancy
      5. Plan for server load balancing
      6. Plan for SQL Server aliases
      7. Plan for SQL Server clustering
      8. Plan for SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Groups
      9. Plan for SQL Server Log Shipping
      10. Plan for storage redundancy
      11. Plan for login replication
    3. Skill: Plan backup and restore
      1. Establish a SharePoint backup schedule
      2. Establish an SQL Server backup schedule
      3. Plan a nonproduction environment content refresh
      4. Plan for farm configuration recovery
      5. Plan for service application recovery
      6. Plan for content recovery
      7. Configure a recovery solution by using SQL Database running in Azure and other Azure backup solutions
    4. Skill: Plan and configure social workload
      1. Plan communities
      2. Plan My Sites
      3. Plan OneDrive redirection
      4. Plan social permissions
      5. Plan user profiles
      6. Plan activity feeds
      7. Plan connections
      8. Configure Yammer settings
    5. Skill: Plan and configure a Web Content Management workload
      1. Plan and configure channels
      2. Plan and configure product catalog and topic pages
      3. Plan and configure Design Manager
      4. Plan and configure content deployment
      5. Plan and configure display templates
      6. Plan and configure variations
    6. Skill: Plan and configure an Enterprise Content Management workload
      1. Plan and configure eDiscovery
      2. Plan and configure document routing
      3. Plan and configure co-authoring
      4. Plan and configure durable links
      5. Plan and configure record disposition and retention
      6. Plan large document repositories
      7. Plan and configure software boundaries
      8. Plan and configure data loss prevention
      9. In-place holds and document deletion features
    7. Summary
    8. Thought experiment
    9. Thought experiment answer
  11. Chapter 4. Productivity solutions
    1. Skill: Evaluate content and customizations
      1. Perform migration precheck tasks
      2. Analyze content database test results
      3. Configure web application authentication for upgrade
      4. Resolve orphan objects
      5. Resolve missing file system components
      6. Resolve configuration conflict issues
    2. Skill: Plan an upgrade process
      1. Plan removal of servers in rotation
      2. Configure a parallel upgrade
      3. Configure read-only access for content
      4. Configure upgrade farms
      5. Measure upgrade performance
      6. Plan an installation sequence
      7. Migrate SharePoint on-premises to SharePoint Online or a hybrid topology
    3. Skill: Create and configure app management
      1. Configure DNS entries
      2. Configure wildcard certificates
      3. Create and configure subscriptions
      4. Create and configure the App Store
      5. Configure marketplace connections
    4. Skill: Create and configure productivity services
      1. Create and configure Office Online Server and optional SharePoint services
      2. Configuring hybrid OneDrive for Business with Profile Redirection and Extensible App Launcher
      3. Plan and install SharePoint Insights and SharePoint Server Telemetry features
    5. Skill: Create and configure a Business Connectivity Services (BCS) and Secure Store application
      1. Import and configure BCS models
      2. Configure BCS model security
      3. Generate a Secure Store master key
      4. Create Secure Store Target Applications
      5. Manage Secure Store Target Application permissions
      6. Configure BCS for search
      7. Configure hybrid BCS
    6. Skill: Manage SharePoint solutions and applications
      1. Manage sandbox solution quotas
      2. Configure sandbox solution management
      3. Deploy farm solutions
      4. Upgrade farm solutions
      5. Deploy Apps
      6. Upgrade Apps
    7. Summary
    8. Thought experiment
    9. Thought experiment answer
  12. Chapter 5. Manage search capabilities
    1. Skill: Create and configure enterprise search
      1. Plan and configure a Search topology
      2. Plan and configure content sources
      3. Plan and configure crawl schedules
      4. Plan and configure crawl rules
      5. Plan and configure crawl performance
      6. Plan and configure security trimming
      7. Choose and configure hybrid search
    2. Skill: Create and configure a managed metadata service (MMS) application
      1. Configure proxy settings for managed service applications
      2. Configure content type hub settings
      3. Configure sharing term sets
      4. Plan and configure content type propagation schedules
      5. Configure custom properties
      6. Configure term store permissions
      7. Configure MMS imports
    3. Skill: Manage search
      1. Manage result sources
      2. Manage query rules
      3. Manage display templates
      4. Manage Search Engine Optimization settings
      5. Manage result types
      6. Manage a search schema
      7. Manage federated search, including integration with Delve and Office Graph
    4. Skill: Manage taxonomy
      1. Manage site collection term set access
      2. Manage term set navigation
      3. Manage topic catalog pages
      4. Configure custom properties
      5. Configure search refinement
      6. Configure list refinement
    5. Skill: Plan and configure a search workload
      1. Plan and configure search result relevancy
      2. Plan and configure index freshness
      3. Plan and configure result sources
      4. Plan and configure the end-user experience
      5. Plan and configure a search schema
      6. Analyze search analytics reports
    6. Summary
    7. Thought experiment
    8. Thought experiment answer
  13. Chapter 6. Plan and configure cloud services
    1. Skill: Plan and configure a BI infrastructure
      1. Plan and configure PerformancePoint
      2. Plan and configure Reporting Services
      3. Plan and configure Power Pivot
      4. Plan and configure Excel Services (Office Online only)
      5. Plan and configure Power View
      6. Plan and configure BI security
    2. Skill: Create and configure work management
      1. Configure a connection to Exchange
      2. Activate and configure a connection to Microsoft Project Server 2016
      3. Manage trusts
      4. Plan Exchange configuration for eDiscovery
    3. Skill: Plan and configure cloud and hybrid federated search
      1. Plan and configure on-premises and Office 365 search and encrypted metadata when content is transferred to the search index in Office 365
      2. Configure user-specific queries and inbound and outbound or bidirectional hybrid topologies
    4. Summary
    5. Thought experiment
    6. Thought experiment answer
  14. Chapter 7. Monitor and optimize a SharePoint environment
    1. Skill: Monitor a SharePoint environment
      1. Define monitoring requirements
      2. Configure performance counter capture
      3. Configure page performance monitoring
      4. Configure usage and health providers
      5. Monitor SharePoint hybrid cloud deployments
    2. Skill: Tune and optimize a SharePoint environment
      1. Plan and configure SQL optimization
      2. Implement database maintenance rules
      3. Plan for capacity software boundaries
      4. Estimate storage requirements
      5. Plan and configure caching and a caching strategy
      6. Tune network performance
      7. Plan and configure Zero Downtime Patching
    3. Skill: Troubleshoot a SharePoint environment
      1. Establish baseline performance
      2. Perform client-side tracing
      3. Perform server-side tracing
      4. Analyze usage data
      5. Enable a developer dashboard
      6. Analyze diagnostic logs
      7. Troubleshoot SharePoint hybrid cloud issues
    4. Summary
    5. Thought experiment
    6. Thought experiment answer
  15. Index
  16. About the author
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