Distribute Security Settings

Changing macros security settings on individual computers is fine for personal use, but it doesn’t work very well when trying to manage security for an organization. To solve that problem, Microsoft provides the following tools:

  • The Microsoft Office Resource Kit provides the Custom Installation Wizard (CIW), Custom Maintenance Wizard, and Profile Template Wizard that automate the installation and configuration of Microsoft Office across your organization.

  • The Certificate Manager (CertMgr.exe) lets you export, distribute, and install certificates for Trusted Publishers on users’ machines.

Use the Install/Maintenance Wizards

The Microsoft Office Resource Kit does not come included with the Microsoft Office product, but is available as a free download from Microsoft (see What about...). Table 6-8 lists the four primary tools that come with the Office Resource Kit.

Table 6-8. Office Resource Kit tools

ToolUse to
Custom Installation WizardCreate customized installations for your organization. You can remove Office components, add your own components, set default installation paths, and determine Start menu and Desktop items created by Setup.
Custom Maintenance WizardDeploy changes to Office installations including new components and updates. This is similar to the Installation Wizard, but it is designed for modifying existing installations rather than creating new ones.
Removal WizardRemoves previous versions of Office applications.
Profile Wizard ...

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