Chapter 1. Boost Your Efficiency

You can use Microsoft Excel 2007 to work with numbers. In fact, wherever you use numbers — doing taxes, running a small business, maintaining a budget, or anything else — Excel can help make your work easier, quicker, and more accurate.

Excel 2007 provides you with many ways to enter, present, explore, and analyze data. This chapter focuses on ways in which you can boost your efficiency when using Excel. You learn how to use the Excel AutoFill feature, to group and outline, to check the accuracy of your data and more.

The AutoFill feature enables you to fill a row or column quickly with a series of values, numbers, dates, or times generated from one or more values you have entered. This chapter will show you how to use the AutoFills that come standard with Excel and how to create your own AutoFills.

You can use grouping and outlining to hide parts of your worksheet, enabling you to focus in on the data in which you are interested, thereby making data analysis easier. This chapter steps you through the process of grouping and outlining.

Sometimes you may want to double-check the accuracy of your data. One of the final tasks in this chapter teaches you how you can increase the accuracy of your data entry by letting Excel read back your data to you.

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