The Annoyance:

My boss wants our department’s monthly figures to be available both in Excel and on a web page on the company intranet. It needs to be in both formats because we email the Excel file to outside vendors who cannot access the intranet. Each month I copy the data from Excel and paste it into a web editor to create a web page. This takes a while, and sometimes the information ends up in the wrong place. Is there some way I can just copy the whole worksheet to the web page?

The Fix:

In Excel 2000 and later, you can put Excel data on the Web simply by choosing File Save as Web Page. Selecting this option displays the Save As dialog box with a few extra features for optimizing the Excel data to be used on the Web (shown in Figure 6-22). An option in the dialog is to save either the workbook or the current selection. The current selection can be the active sheet, or a selected worksheet area or range.

Save your Excel data in HTML format.

Figure 6-23. Save your Excel data in HTML format.

When you save Excel information as a web page, the program creates a set of .htm files in the specified directory, which you can then copy to a web server. You also can choose to publish the data directly to the Web, which gives you additional options relating to the page you’re publishing. To publish a page, choose File Save as Web Page Publish to display the Publish as Web Page ...

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