Hub and Spoke BP4SO

In preparation for the BP4SO, the PSO hub and spoke organizational structure is probably the only organizational structure that makes good long-term business sense. This structure was introduced in Chapter 10. The initial implementations of the BP4SO hub and spoke will be to put the hub enterprise PSO (eventually it will be called the enterprise BP4SO) in place. The spokes will emerge in the business units as demand dictates.

To put the hub in place, the following steps should be taken in the order listed:

  • Define the mission and objectives of the hub.
  • Establish the policies and standards of the hub.
  • Define the support services offered by the hub.

Figure 12.1 illustrates the BP4SO of the future. It is simply an updated version of Figure 10.1. The BP4SO will be implemented in several phases. Initially the enterprise BP4SO will be established and serve the support needs of the enterprise. As demand grows, division-level BP4SOs will be established and offer support services as needed by the division. These support services might encompass all four disciplines. Once a second division has established its BP4SO, communities of practice will begin to appear in order to establish communication links between divisions.

Figure 12.1 BP4SO of the Future


As demand in a division increases the spoke that feeds that division is established. To put a spoke in place the following ...

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