CHAPTER 12Sustainable Growth for People and Business

By this point I hope I've made a persuasive case for the importance and numerous benefits of positive employee experience – in the lives of workers themselves, the people they work with and for, and the companies that employ them.

I hope I have made a case for the authentic leadership, ingenuity, and empathy that business leaders must exhibit to establish or improve on an organizational culture that elevates employee experience.

Employee experience will help us achieve a more sustainable world as we deliver on important people metrics.

The world is confronting so many evolving challenges. It can be hard at times to get a coherent view of it all, much less to have a set of coherent solutions. One of my joys around employee experience – thinking about it, implementing programs that honor it, reviewing data and anecdotal evidence to help our customers and our teams refine and improve it – is that it's a lens through which we view other relevant issues. I don't think it's overstating the importance of employee experience to tie it to the three ambitious points at the start of this chapter: how it helps us to relate to each other; how it helps us to spread the benefit to others; and how it helps us to get a little closer to a path that is sustainable.

These are all epic points. Employee experience has something to say about all of them.

All Voices Should Be Heard

For all of our vast differences, the foundational idea behind ...

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