Install/Remove Software

To put a new application on your system, or remove one you don’t want to keep, select the Install/Remove Software utility from the System Tools menu with Launch Applications Systems Tools Install/Remove Software. You are prompted to enter the root password, which you or your system administrator chose when installing JDS. Next you see a window showing the installed software on your JDS. A screenshot of the window appears in Figure 5-7.

JDS Software Installation Tool

Figure 5-7. JDS Software Installation Tool

This tool looks similar to the one used in the Java Desktop System Online Update. The selections on the top-left pane allow you to present different views of the system packages, as discussed earlier. The choices include:

  • Selections

  • Package Groups

  • Search

The JDS Software Installation tool opens in the Selections view; however, if you want to see which packages fall under categories such as “Development Tools,” you can choose the Package Groups view, shown in Figure 5-8.

Software installation in Package Groups view

Figure 5-8. Software installation in Package Groups view

Finally, you can choose Search to search the list of packages and find out whether you have installed specific ones. For example, in Figure 5-9, we did a search on “mc” and found the packages we had installed.

Figure 5-9. The Software Installation Tool in the search ...

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