Web Browser

The JDS Web Browser, shown in Figure 6-43, is located on the main Launch menu. It is a popular and well-established program called Mozilla, containing five desktop tools:

  • Navigator (web browser)

  • Mail & Newsgroups (email client)

  • Composer (HTML editor)

  • Address Book (address book)

  • IRC Chat (IRC chat client)

The Web Browser, as-is, out of the box

Figure 6-43. The Web Browser, as-is, out of the box

In this chapter, we cover only the web browser functions. We don’t discuss Mail & Newsgroups or Address Book in this book because we already cover JDS’s Email & Calendar program for email and contacts. For information on Composer, interested users are encouraged to consult the Mozilla documentation (or documentation on the StarOffice or OpenOffice.org HTML editor module, too). IRC Chat is also covered by the Mozilla documentation.

Web Browser Setup

In this section, we cover basic customization of your web browser. This is particularly useful if you have been computing for a while in another environment and need to bring over your important legacy information tools such as bookmarks.

Resetting your Home Page

The default setting for the Home Page on your JDS Web Browser is http://www.sun.com. If you want to set a different Home Page, select Edit Preferences Navigator, where, in the middle section labeled Home Page, you can enter a new URL on the Location line.

The example in Figure 6-44 illustrates resetting the Home Page to ...

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