Chapter 11. Creating Reports

In This Chapter

  • Running reports from the Facebook Reports system

  • Analyzing interactions between you and customers

  • Exporting ad performance data to your own system

  • Creating a dashboard to monitor campaign activity and success

When you're looking to review the basic statistics on your Facebook Ad campaigns, typically Ads Manager (see Chapter 10) will have all the major data points you would want. However, you might need to dig a little deeper to find more detailed information regarding individual ads or campaigns. In these cases, turn to Facebook Reports to help you figure out profitability, prepare a summary report, or make a decision regarding a new campaign.

In this chapter, we walk you through the basics of Facebook Reports. We discuss how to get reports, interpret the results within each report, export that data to your computer for further analysis, and pull out demographic information as well as the likes and interests of your audience. We also look at Facebook Insights, which gives you a lot of detailed information on your Users and interactions when it comes to your Facebook presence. We finish by discussing a concept known as dashboard management, where you can monitor and maintain your Facebook Ad campaign by looking at a dashboard, or a customized set of measurements and ratios that change based on your campaign's performance. Dashboards give you a quick idea whether your ad campaigns are going in the correct direction or you need to consider a course ...

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