Chapter 13. Ten Facebook Page Promotion Techniques (Besides Ads)

In this part...

  • Promote your Page offsite

  • Put compelling or unique content on your Facebook Page

  • Have a clear focus on your Page's purpose

  • Make your content easy to share

  • Get your users to collaborate

  • Provide something exclusive to your Facebook Page

  • Build a Facebook app

  • Create and interact with Facebook Groups

  • Post a Facebook Marketplace listing

  • Market yourself, not just your Page

As you maintain a presence on Facebook and use ad campaigns to promote your business on and off Facebook, keep in mind other techniques you can use to promote your Facebook Page. Some of these techniques are common sense, and others are unique to Facebook. The point, though, is that you should be as active and open as possible because you never know where your next customer will see you, or what feature will turn out to be the "killer app" that drives traffic to your Facebook Page. In this chapter, we highlight ten concepts that we think are beneficial to implement as you build and promote your Facebook presence.

Promote Your Page Offsite

It might seem like the whole world is online and using sites like Facebook, with its hundreds of millions of users, but don't forget about all your other encounters that might or might not happen online and happen outside Facebook. You should promote your Facebook Page in as many mediums as possible, including adding a Find Us on Facebook button or graphic on elements such as

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