Chapter 14. Ten (or So) Facebook Ads Beginner Mistakes

In This Chapter

  • Not using a picture or graphic in your ad

  • Not refreshing the ad often

  • Not split-testing the ad at least once

  • Not targeting your audience

  • Targeting your audience too tightly

  • Testing your ads for too short or long a time period

  • Focusing on CPC or Page membership and not profit per click or engagement

  • Writing a simple/boring headline

  • Not including a strong call to action

  • Not connecting with your audience on a relationship basis

  • Not following Facebook Advertising Guidelines

After speaking with a number of people and companies that have advertised on Facebook, as well as running numerous campaigns ourselves, we thought it beneficial to talk about the mistakes people make: what you should not do when building a Facebook Ad campaign. Sometimes, it really is easier to give advice on what to do by illustrating what not to do first.

Not Using a Picture or Graphic in Your Ad

When you build ad campaigns in other systems like Google AdWords, you focus on elements such as the headline, offer, call to action, and destination URL because those are important elements. However, when building a Facebook Ad, one of the most critical components of your ad is the image that goes along with the advertisement. Although, for Facebook this is an optional step, it's very important in terms of people who advertise on Facebook.

Look at the example in Figure 14-1. In this group of nine ads, which is the ad that's easiest to ignore? Probably the one that ...

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