Chapter 8

Adding Photos and Videos to Facebook

Get ready to …

arrow Upload a Photo to Your Account

arrow Create a Photo Album

arrow Tag Photos

arrow Untag Yourself in a Photo

arrow Delete a Photo

arrow Upload a Video to Facebook

Since Facebook is all about sharing, it’s up to you to share! Putting up photos of you, your friends, and your family (that includes pets) is fun — and it gives your Facebook friends a chance to interact with you.

I figure you’ve uploaded a picture for your profile image already, but what I’m talking about in this chapter is setting up online photo albums.

So let’s get started!

Upload a Photo to Your Account

  1. As with most Facebook tasks, you have more than one way to post a photo. Start by signing in to your Facebook account if you’re not already signed in.
    • If you took the photo with your phone or tablet, open the Facebook app and tap the word Photo shown in Figure 8-1. (You will be brought ...

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