Application Directory


What can I put in my Application Directory listing?


Every approved app gets a listing in the Application Directory; this is your place to shine when bored users are looking to spice up their Profiles. It’s pretty rare for people to browse the Directory directly, since almost all application installs come as a result of the other integration points (unless they have a very specific Facebook itch that needs scratching). Don’t overlook the Directory, though, since your app’s About Page is part of it (which users will often view as a precursor to installing the app; see an example in Figure 2-6), and the description will appear in the right sidebar when users are adding your app. If you’ve never seen it before, you can browse the directory at


Five things make up your Application Directory listing (some of which make appearances elsewhere as well), and we’ll examine them through the lens of the Causes application.

Application icon

You have a very, very tiny 16×16 pixel canvas to showcase your masterpiece. This icon will appear in the Applications menu, Message Attachment, and News Feed integration points, as well as in places like the Application Privacy Settings, so you want something distinctive that is going to stand out from the crowd but still represent your app. The Causes app uses a globe with two people in front of it, as shown in Figure 2-7.

It’s really hard to draw something meaningful at this size, so ...

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