Chapter 6. Building Out Your Profile

In This Chapter

  • Sharing with your friends through your Profile

  • Navigating the Profile

  • Protecting your Profile privacy

Your Facebook Profile is more than just a bunch of information — it's an ongoing, ever-evolving story of you. Did you ever have to respond to a writing prompt that asked you to write page 73 of your 248-page autobiography? Your Profile page is the page youare working on right now, except your autobiography is a complete multimedia presentation, pulling your words, your photos, your friends' thoughts, and postings together. All of those things together tell the reader both who you are and what's important to you. Your Facebook Profile is not about altering who you are but rather representing yourself. It isboth the introduction of you and your way of sharing yourself with the people who matter to you. What do you want people to know about you? What do you want your friends to find out about you?

In Chapter 2, we cover the basics of your Profile, Profile picture, education, and work history. In this chapter, we talk about how to write the story of you in the language of Facebook.

Figure 6-1 shows your entire Profile. The Profile has basically two columns. The skinny column on the left displays the basics about you. The larger column on the right has a few tabs. These tabs are actually the most important parts of your Profile, so we begin with those before moving on to the pieces in the left column.

Figure 6-1. An entire Profile.

"Wall" ...

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