Chapter 10. Creating and Joining Groups on Facebook

In This Chapter

  • Getting to know Groups

  • Finding a Group

  • Creating and administering your Groups

Humans are social animals. Although you spend plenty of time tweaking and massaging your Profile, the real value of Facebook lies at the intersections of its massive network: more than 200 million people in every country in the world meeting up with the people they care about for a virtual cup of coffee. Can you foot this bill? We'll get the next one.

The coffeehouses on Facebook are known as Groups. Every 30 seconds, a new discussion is started in one of more than 10 million Groups on Facebook, on topics ranging from The Beatles to global warming to Ottawa University's Class of 1958 reunion. If you can't find the Group you're looking for, you can create and host it yourself. Like everything on Facebook, you decide who can participate — from ten of your closest friends to everyone in the world.

Getting Going with Groups

Like Photos, Groups is a pre-installed application built for you by Facebook. You can access the application's Home page (Figure 10-1) by choosing Groups in your Applications menu in the Chat bar at the bottom of any page. This page shows you what's new in the Groups scene on Facebook, in terms of which Groups your friends have joined recently and which of the Groups that you participate in have been updated. You can also browse and search Groups or even create your own.

Figure 10-1. Find out what happened recently in the Groups ...

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