Chapter 8. Hosting Facebook Events

Facebook Events are a great way of getting people together virtually or in person to support your business, brand, or product. They are also an economical way of getting the word out beyond your normal in-house marketing list by inviting the fans of your Facebook Page (see Chapter 4) or the members of your Facebook Group (see Chapter 7). Fans can also help you promote your Facebook Event by sharing the event with a group of their friends when it seems of value.

You may want to RSVP to and attend an event to see how the process works. This should give you a feeling for how Facebook Events are done and what you may need for throwing your own event.

In this chapter, we cover how to find relevant events that you may want to attend and how to add events to your Page or group's Events list. We also discuss creating your event and promoting it to your fans, listing your event, and best practices for managing your event and following up afterward.

Getting Started with Facebook Events

If you have been a member of Facebook for a while, no doubt you have been invited to a Facebook event by now. They typically appear in your e-mail as an invite and a reminder on your Home page when you first log in to Facebook.

You can always find plenty of events to attend by ...

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