Chapter 9. Checking out Advertising Options and Strategies

With more than 200-million members worldwide, Facebook has the potential to reach an audience nearly twice the size of the Super Bowl's television viewing audience. The social network's ability to target down to the desired age, sex, location, relationship status, education, and interest marks a major paradigm shift in mass media advertising. It's now possible to reach a highly defined consumer market and pay only when one of those consumers clicks through an ad to the advertiser's Facebook page or other Web destination.

Facebook provides a self-service advertising model akin to Google's. Just like Google, Facebook allows you to easily create your ad, select your target audience, set your daily budget, and measure results. Ads can be purchased based on pay for impression (CPM) or pay for clicks (CPC). However, unlike Google, Facebook's engagement ads allow consumers to interact with ads in entirely new ways.

In this chapter, we show you how to use Facebook ads to your advantage. We introduce you to Facebook engagement ads: what they are and how to use them to fulfill your advertising goals. We offer tips on designing a link page to an internal Facebook location or an external Web site, writing ad copy (see Chapter ...

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