Chapter 10. Measuring Advertising Success — One Click at a Time

Although in its infancy still, the Facebook advertising platform is performing well for thousands of advertisers. The platform's ability to target ad demographics is already legendary, and, because prices are determined by a supply and demand-based bidding system, now is probably the best time to jump in. Ads can be purchased on both a pay for thousand impressions (CPM) or pay for clicks (CPC) basis — at extremely low price points while supply far exceeds demand. Whether marketers are looking to micro-target their audience or reach as broad an audience as possible, there is no better social networking platform for advertising than Facebook.

Facebook offers marketers a full range of metrics to measure success via the Web site's internal ad management reports, exportable reports, and the new Facebook Insights dashboard, which lets you collect data on visitors to your Page.

We show you how to use the Facebook reporting tools to gauge the number of impressions, click rates, and other valuable traffic data, including number of fans added, demographics of responders, number of visitors to the Page, and those that engaged in an activity while on your Page (see the "Viewing Facebook Ad Reports" section later in this chapter).

And finally, we show you how the new ...

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