Chapter 5

Configuring the Best Admin Settings for Your Facebook Page

In This Chapter

arrow Configuring your Page for maximum reach and engagement

arrow Configuring spam and comment-moderation settings for your Page

arrow Posting as a Page and as a profile

arrow Posting on mobile devices

After you create a Facebook Page (see Chapter 4 for details), you’re almost ready to start building a solid fan base of prospects and customers. But before you start posting content to your Page and promoting your Page through other channels, you should know how to make the most of it. Minimize spam and negative comments. Know how to post as your Page and how to post as your profile — and when to do either. Make sure that your Page is configured to get the most exposure in News Feed. If your business has lots of events, for example, make sure that people attending can easily post their event pics to your Page.

In this chapter, you learn how to configure moderation and posting settings for your Page. You also learn how to restrict specific groups of Facebook fans from seeing your Page. Finally, I show you how to post on ...

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