Chapter 14

Integrating Facebook into Your Other Marketing Channels

In This Chapter

arrow Working Facebook into your marketing plans

arrow Using other online media to drive fans to your Facebook Page

arrow Promoting your Facebook Page offline

arrow Making your Facebook Page search engine–friendly

The best kind of Facebook promotion takes advantage of existing marketing activities to cross-promote your Facebook presence. Driving users to your Facebook Page from other marketing channels allows you to take advantage of the hard work you’ve invested in all your other marketing efforts, in addition to all the great work you’re doing with Facebook. Airbnb promotes campaigns on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest with custom tabs and a cohesive hashtag campaign (as shown in Figure 14-1).

In this chapter, I cover how best to integrate your Facebook presence into your existing marketing programs. Also, I show you simple strategies you can use to promote your Facebook Page outside Facebook. I explain the ways companies add Facebook to their email marketing campaigns, websites, and blogs, and show you how to integrate ...

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