mbed Technical Data

C.1 Summarizing Technical Details of the mbed

The mbed is built around an LPC1768 microcontroller, made by NXP Semiconductors. The LPC1768 is, in turn, designed around an ARM Cortex-M3 core, with 512 kB flash memory, 64 kB RAM, and a wide range of interfaces, including Ethernet, universal serial bus (USB) device, Controller Area Network (CAN), serial peripheral interface (SPI), inter-integrated circuit (I2C) and other input/output (I/O). It runs at 96 MHz.

Full technical details of the mbed and LPC1768 can be found in References 2.1 to 2.4. Summary mbed operating conditions are given directly below.


• 40-pin DIP package, with 0.1 inch spacing between pins, and 0.9 inches between the two rows.

• Overall ...

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