Chapter 21. Sharing Data with WebDirect and FileMaker Go

As you learned in Chapter 20, FileMaker Network Sharing is the easiest way to share your database. Folks simply open the file and use it, much like a file stored on their local hard drive. They need a copy of FileMaker Pro on whatever computer they’re using to connect. But with the rise of mobile devices, many people with jobs that require them to move around all day, like warehouse workers or field installers, need to access the company database on their phone or tablet. There’s no computer—or copy of FileMaker Pro—in sight. Fortunately, you have lots of ways to share your database with people on the move. Your choices break down into two basic categories:

  • FileMaker Go uses a free app, available in the Apple App Store. There are versions for iPad and iPhone (including iPod Touch). FileMaker Go users require licensed connections.

  • Internet sharing shares your database through a browser. There are three flavors of Internet sharing:

    • FileMaker WebDirect uses FileMaker Server to publish layouts, and their data, on the Web. Database users need no additional software, but the same licensing fees for FileMaker Go apply.

    • Custom Web Publishing lets you write all the code needed to connect users to your database through a browser.

    • Static Publishing also uses a web browser, but your users aren’t connected to a live database. They see the database information in the form of HTML pages. As the name suggests, this type of sharing is good for ...

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