Chapter 4. What's New in FileMaker 9

FileMaker 9 is a substantial step forward in the evolution of the application — one that breaks new ground and adds depth and power to existing features. It brings many changes, both small and large, which will make life easier for users and developers. This release introduces entirely new functionality, which will introduce FileMaker to new users and give it a new role among corporate data and reporting tools.

In the following pages, we provide you with a speedy introduction to key new features, giving you an overview of the things that have changed and new possibilities that have emerged.

The FileMaker Quick Start Screen

When FileMaker Pro 9 is launched, by default you are presented with the Quick Start screen (see Figure 4.1). The Quick Start screen brings together a number of useful features and resources, grouped into three sections:

  • Create Database: Clicking the Create Database icon gives you access to options for creating an empty database or selecting from any of several dozen starter solutions grouped into nine broad categories.

  • Open Database: Clicking the Open Database icon presents options for selecting from a list of recently opened files or from lists of Favorite Files (both local and remote).


When a file is selected in the Recent Files list, a button at the lower right can be used to add it to the relevant favorites list.

  • Learn More: Clicking the Learn More icon provides you with access to sources of information, support, and documentation ...

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