Chapter 11

Going Social

In This Chapter

arrow Working with the Contacts app

arrow Utilizing integrated Facebook and Twitter features

arrow Conducting video calls with Skype

Fire tablets aren’t just about reading books, watching movies, and playing music. There are several ways in which you can use the device to interact and communicate with others.

In this chapter, I help you explore how Fire tablets help you keep in touch with people using the pre-installed Contacts app. I also explain how Fire tablets integrate with Facebook and Twitter. Finally, I tell you all about using the Skype app and the new Fire tablet cameras and microphones to make video calls over the Internet.

Managing Contacts

The Contacts app pre-installed on Fire tablets is a basic but useful contact management tool. You can enter or import contact information, sort that information by several criteria, and use Contacts to address emails.

You can find Contacts by tapping its app on the Favorites grid at the bottom of the Home screen. Tap the Contacts app to display its main screen, as shown in Figure 11-1.

tip.eps Note that the Contacts ...

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