Chapter 12

Getting Productive

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding how Fire handles documents

arrow Working with Calendar

arrow Working with the integrated WPS Office

Fire tablets aren’t just about watching movies and playing music. There are several ways in which you can use the devices to get your work done and share documents and images with others.

In this chapter, I help you explore how Fire tablets help you view and share documents. The new preinstalled Calendar app is useful for keeping on schedule, and it’s covered in this chapter.

You can print documents and photos to a wireless printer. In addition, Office WPS is now integrated into every Fire tablet, allowing you to view, create, and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. With improved cameras (front and rear), you can take both still photos and videos, and then manage your photos with the Photos app and Amazon Cloud.

And finally, I show you the easy-to-use features that make the free New Oxford American Dictionary a very useful tool for the writer in you.

Understanding Fire Docs

One of the items you see across the top of your Fire tablet Home screen is the Docs library (see Figure 12-1). Documents will be stored in the Docs library, ...

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