Chapter 25. Importing Your Project into Flash Builder


  • Importing Catalyst projects into Flash Builder

  • Running a project from Flash Builder

  • Merging changes from Catalyst into an existing Flash Builder project

In order to finish the Magazines Direct project, you will need to import it into Flash Builder, where either you or a Flex developer will add any additional functionality that cannot be handled by Catalyst. You can also run the project from Flash Builder to preview it.

Once the project has been opened and edited in Flash Builder, you will no longer be able to open it in Catalyst. However, if you keep a backup copy of the original project, you can open that in Catalyst, make needed changes, and then merge those changes back into the Flash Builder project.

Beginning the Import Process

Catalyst creates FXP files. An FXP file is actually nothing more than a zipped Flex project, which can be opened directly in Flash Builder. Therefore, there is nothing special you actually need to do in order to export your file to Flash Builder; it will automatically be in a file format supported by Flash Builder.

However, it is a good idea to make a back-up copy of the project so that it can be opened later by Catalyst if changes need to be made.


The exercises in this chapter assume that you have completed the exercises in Chapter 24. If you have not, you can download a version of the project as of the start of this chapter from the book's Web site ( ...

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