Chapter 15. Ten Best Flash Resources

In This Chapter

  • Check out award-winning movies

  • Look on the Flash Web pages

  • Visit our site

  • Take a course

  • Join a Flash discussion group

  • Check out Flash resource sites

  • Check out sites that use Flash

  • Attend a Flash conference

  • Collect Flash Movies

  • Reuse your best stuff

Flash is such a flexible program that you'll never stop discovering what it can do. In this chapter, we point you to the many resources you can turn to when you want to increase your knowledge about Flash.

We (of course) think that this book is a great resource on Flash. But much more about Flash is out there, readily available to help you become a great Flash designer and animator.

Ten Best Flash Resources

Check Out Award-Winning Movies

It's both inspiring and instructive to see what the best Flash movies can do, and you can find the best Flash movies on a couple of sites. For example, the Flashforward Conference Web site lists winners in many categories at These movies are winners in the conference's annual contest, as shown in Figure 15-1.

Find examples of amazing Flash movies here.

Figure 15.1. Find examples of amazing Flash movies here.

Best Flash Animation Site (at, of course), showcases Flash sites that have been voted the best each week by viewers. This is a good place to find top-notch examples ...

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