OA: Office Automation.

OADM: Optical Add-Drop Multiplexer.

OA&M: Operations, Administration and Maintenance.

O&M: Operations and Maintenance.

OAM: Operations, Administration and Maintenance.

OATS: Open Area Test Site.

object code: Computer programme which can be executed by a computer, usually produced as an output from a compiler or an assembler.

OC: Optical Carrier.

OCC: Other Common Carrier.

OCR: Optical Character Recognition.

octal: A number system which uses the base of eight. For example, Table O.1 gives the decimal and octal equivalents for numbers up to decimal 15.

octet: An association or grouping of eight binary digits or bits. Similar to a byte.

octet timing signal: The timing signal used to identify the first bit of an octet, in ...

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