I have put together a list of several resources classified by topic including books, articles, links, and multimedia (e.g., videos, audio, images, etc.).1 Additional resources are also available at as well as from Business Expert Press.


Books and Papers

Nachmanovitch, S. (1991). Free play: Improvisation in life and art. New York, NY: Tarcher/Putnam.

Hamilton, A. (2000). The art of improvisation and the aesthetics of imperfection. British Journal of Aesthetics 40(1), 168–185.

Koppett, K. (2002). Business and the art of imperfection. The British Journal of Administrative Management 33(1), 26–27.

McKnight, B., & Bontis, N. (2002). E-improvisation: Collaborative groupware technology expands the ...

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