Foundation iPhone App Development: Build An iPhone App in 5 Days with iOS 6 SDK

Book description

Taking a hands-on learning approach, Foundation iPhone App Development: Build An iPhone App in 5 Days with iOS 6 SDK quickly enables existing programmers to become familiar and comfortable coding Objective-C using Xcode 4.5, Storyboarding and the iOS 6 SDK to create apps for the iPhone. Nick Kuh, an experienced, Apple award-winning developer, will teach readers how to build an iOS 6 iPhone app from start to finish in 5 days.

During a 5-day process you will learn how to build a professional, custom-designed, object-oriented iPhone App. You'll start with a PhotoShop PSD design and an app idea. Then, throughout the remainder of the book, Nick will guide you through each stage of building the app. But it's you who will build the app. You will learn how to think like an app developer, how to turn an idea into a beautiful iPhone app.

In addition to the code and programming practices introduced, the book includes numerous tips, tricks and lessons learned to help new iPhone App developers succeed on the App Store: SEO, in-app marketing approaches and how to win more 5 star reviews.

The 5-day learning process is divided into the following key stages:

  • Day 1 begins with the initial planning, paper prototyping and Photoshop design phases of an app idea. You'll learn how to provision your iOS apps for deployment to your iPhone. By the end of your first day you'll get to learn on the job, creating an Object-Oriented Black Jack Game that implements the Model View Controller paradigm in Objective C.

  • Day 2 is all about Storyboarding: creating and connecting all of the user interface views of our app.

  • Day 3 begins with table views and data population. By the end of the third day you'll be knee-deep in Core Data: building a data model and creating an editable, persistent data storage solution for your app.

  • By Day 4 you'll be learning how to communicate with Facebook using Apple's new Social framework introduced in iOS 6.

  • Day 5 kicks off with code and methods to add in-app social network marketing to your app. With your completed app you'll then learn how to submit an App to Apple alongside numerous tips and tricks to improve your chances of success and visibility in this unique marketplace.

  • From start to finish, this book inherits Nick's tried and tested methods to build beautiful native iPhone Apps efficiently. After reading and using this book, you'll come away with a core iOS development process and coding concepts that can be re-used and applied to your own iPhone app projects. Moreover, you'll gain an understanding of how to architect your own apps, write reusable code and implement best practices for faster productivity and maybe even make some money, too.

    What you'll learn

  • How to develop with Xcode, write Objective-C and work with the latest iOS SDK

  • Why and how to create Navigation Hierarchies and Table View Controllers, for making life easier

  • How to design, plan and develop an iPhone app from the initial app idea to App Store submission

  • How to Storyboard and implement a custom-designed User Interface

  • How to work with Core Data to build an offline caching solution

  • How to implement asynchronous HTTP API calls to download and display images

  • How to use the new iOS Appearance APIs for custom design implementation and make beautiful apps

  • How to increase your app's chances for success in the App Store

  • Who this book is for

    This book is for existing programmers—programmers who have already mastered another object oriented language and wish to become proficient programming Objective C for writing iPhone Apps using Xcode.

    Table of contents

    1. Title
    2. Dedication
    3. Contents at a Glance
    4. Contents
    5. About the Author
    6. About the Technical Reviewer
    7. About the Cover Image Artist
    8. Acknowledgments
    9. Introduction
    10. Day 1: Objective C, Xcode and iOS SDK Foundation Work
      1. Chapter 1: Designing and Planning Our App
        1. The app idea
        2. The competition
        3. The App Store title
        4. The icon design
        5. The user interface design
        6. A little extra help
        7. Summary
      2. Chapter 2: Provisioning Our App for Development
        1. Download Xcode for free
        2. Registering as an Apple developer
        3. Enrolling in the iOS Developer Program
        4. iOS Provisioning Portal
        5. Summary
      3. Chapter 3: Setting Up Our Xcode Project
        1. Getting started
        2. Breaking down the project structure
        3. Hello World
        4. Adding an icon and launch screen
        5. Running the app on your iPhone
        6. Summary
      4. Chapter 4: Objective-C and Xcode: Developing a Blackjack Game
        1. The Game
        2. Creating the view
        3. Objective-C basics
        4. The Model
        5. Hooking it all together
        6. Summary
    11. Day 2: Storyboarding the User Interface
      1. Chapter 5: iPhone App Navigation, Views, and View Controllers
        1. Multiple view apps
        2. Mastering views and view controllers
        3. Navigating view controllers
        4. Summary
      2. Chapter 6: Views, Controls, Camera, Action!
        1. User interface controls and components
        2. More user interface action with the camera and Photo Library
        3. Summary
    12. Day 3: Working With Data
      1. Chapter 7: Table Views, Arrays, and Dictionaries—Oh My!
        1. Table views
        2. Table data source and delegate protocols
        3. Populating the table view with an array and a plist
        4. Summary
      2. Chapter 8: Data Persistence with Core Data
        1. An introduction to Core Data
        2. Implementing Core Data into Birthday Reminder
        3. Summary
      3. Chapter 9: iOS Skinning: Make Your Apps Lickable
        1. What makes an app lickable?
        2. Let’s get skinning!
        3. Summary
    13. Day 4: Importing Birthdays from the Address Book and Facebook
      1. Chapter 10: Importing Birthdays from the Address Book
        1. Enhancing the home view for an empty database
        2. Identifying view controller scenes in a storyboard
        3. Accessing and filtering the address book contacts
        4. Loading contact photos and data into our table view
        5. Creating a multiselect table view for importing birthdays
        6. Importing address book birthdays into the Core Data store
        7. Activating phone calls, SMS, and e-mails
        8. Deleting birthdays from the data store
        9. Summary
      2. Chapter 11: Working with Facebook and the iOS 6 Social Framework
        1. Registering a new app with
        2. Creating a Facebook import view controller
        3. Authenticating with Facebook using the Accounts framework
        4. Fetching Facebook birthdays
        5. Loading Facebook friends into the table view
        6. Importing Facebook birthdays into the Core Data store
        7. Loading and displaying remote images
        8. Posting to friends’ Facebook Walls
        9. Creating a Facebook Wall post view controller
        10. Summary
      3. Chapter 12: Settings and Local Notifications
        1. Working with static table view controllers
        2. Building the settings singleton class
        3. Updating birthdays
        4. Scheduling and firing reminder local notifications
        5. Summary
    14. Day 5: The Finishing Touches
      1. Chapter 13: Before You Launch: Increasing Your Chances of App Store Success
        1. Getting more 5-star App Store ratings
        2. Configuring Appirater
        3. Sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and by e-mail
        4. Summary
      2. Chapter 14: Submitting Our App
        1. Creating a new app submission with iTunes Connect
        2. Scheduling and pricing your app
        3. Configuring version information
        4. Setting up an app rating
        5. Adding a description and metadata
        6. Uploading screenshots and iTunes artwork
        7. App name secured and we have an iTunes App ID
        8. Preparing our app for App Store submission
        9. Creating an archive build of our project
        10. Signing and uploading the build
        11. Summary
    15. Index

    Product information

    • Title: Foundation iPhone App Development: Build An iPhone App in 5 Days with iOS 6 SDK
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: October 2012
    • Publisher(s): friends of ED
    • ISBN: 9781430243748