If you read books the way I do, you may be starting out by jumping over the intro and other stuff by going right to Chapter 1. That's a big mistake. You really need to check out the Introduction in order to get what I'm saying.

Virtually every customer has a megaphone and an audience—give them a reason to say great things about you.

This era of instant online relationships and limitless information is the best time in the history of business to run an honest business that also wows your customers. Customers today have the ability to spread the word to unimaginable numbers of potential prospects if you'll just give them a good reason to. In my business I teach anyone who works for me the power of testimonials and feedback with this simple philosophy, “Any positive comment sent to us or posted online is worth $1,000 in our pocket. No amount of marketing or advertising that you will ever do can compare to the viral power of your audience as they share their experiences and impressions of your business online.”

The network of potential contacts that your customers are all a part of is unlike anything we've ever seen in business, and it's growing at an unimaginable pace. If Facebook were a country it would be the third largest country on earth, and it's still growing rapidly as I write this book. You simply must find creative ways to tap into the pool of prospects that are directly connected to your current customers.

Even if you don't ...

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