Chapter 4

The Recording Session

David Miles Huber

In This Chapter

■   Introduction

■   Preparation

□   What’s a Producer and When Do You Need One?

□   Long Before Going into the Studio

□   Before Going into the Studio

■   Setting Up with the Production Team

□   Electric and Electronic Instruments

□   Drums

□   The Final Check

■   Recording

■   Overdubbing

□   Punching-In

□   Bouncing Tracks

■   Mixdown

■   Sequence Editing

■   Mastering

■   A Final Word on Professionalism

■   Further Reading


One of the most important concepts to be gained from books such as this is the fact that there are no rules for the process of recording music. This rule holds true insofar as inventiveness and freshness tend to play a major role in keeping the ...

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