9Putting It All Together

Throughout the book, you have learned individually all the various technologies and languages needed to develop and deploy modern web applications using ASP.NET Core, but you haven’t yet used them all together to build a complete application.

This chapter covers this gap and shows how to use all the technologies together to build (part of) a real‐life application. In the process it shows some features of ASP.NET Core that were not covered in previous chapters, like authentication with OAuth (Facebook or Twitter) and data persistence with Entity Framework Core.


As you might have guessed from some of the samples in the other chapters, I am into triathlons. Despite the very high quality of web applications that help track training, the sites for race registration and results are mostly stuck 10 years or more in the past, and very few race tracking sites have some kind of live tracking and comparison of performances among different races.

The application used as a sample in this chapter is ...

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