An assigned number is requested for the following MPEG input contribution, so that the document can be taken into formal consideration.


MPEG xxxx/Myyyy

Geneva, Switzerland

From: The Future
Title: Geneva Stone
Source: C/FOG2(Special Rapporteur to MPEG)
Purpose: For consideration by MPEG


Below is a report from archaeologists who are members of a machine intelligence society that, thousands of years from now, will discover a trove of our standards documents buried in the underground ruins of the ISO and ITU standards organizations headquarters in the United Nations district of Geneva. These beings from The Future appear to be using our documents as a “Rosetta Stone” to understand us, and our culture, through what survives of our storage media by their time.

The report was decoded from an analysis of inexplicable deviations in scattering of collided subatomic particles (the modulation means by which messages are sent to us from The Future) observed at the nearby CERN accelerator laboratory in Geneva. We believe the report was meant as an attachment to an attempted liaison statement addressed to us from The Future seeking clarification on some of our standards specifications.

CERN are still upset, after having pursued what they first thought was a major discovery of a mysterious force unknown to Physics that almost seemed to possess intelligence. Later, after eliminating that theory, CERN became excited again by what they believed ...

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