CHAPTER 6Artificial General Intelligence in Sight

In advocating for generative AI, this book delineates the progression from conventional AI toward a more generative model. The journey commences with discriminative AI, the cornerstone for today's generative AI systems. Pioneering algorithms in computer vision, like convolutional neural networks, along with strides in sentiment analysis and other natural language processing (NLP) tasks, have significantly contributed to the evolution of generative models. These advancements now propel the AI frontier further. Discriminative models remain invaluable, with their precise applications such as cancer detection showcasing their worth by refining accuracy to significant decimal places.

Transitioning our gaze toward generative AI, it's clear that this realm is a pivotal precursor to the lofty realm of artificial general intelligence (AGI). The consensus is yet to be reached on the exact makeup of AGI, but a plausible hypothesis posits it as a synergy of discriminative and generative AI models.

But what encapsulates AGI?

Described as a hypothetical yet potent entity, AGI is envisioned to master any intellectual feat achievable by humans or animals. In another vein, it's seen as an autonomous dynamo outperforming human aptitude in a vast array of economically valuable tasks. AGI frequently graces science fiction and futurist discussions, embodying both the zenith of AI aspiration and a topic of fervent debate. Predicting AGI's advent ...

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