Major Upgrades

When moving between new releases like .NET Micro Framework 4.1 and .NET Micro Framework 4.2, you should update the Netduino’s bootloader as well.

To do so, use Atmel’s “SAM-BA CDC” software (current version is 2.11). If you don’t already have a copy, download it now.


At the time of writing, this tool can be found at Up-to-date information on reflashing Netduino can be found in the Netduino community at

To reflash the bootloader, you need to erase everything from the Netduino’s microcontroller flash memory. To do so, make sure your Netduino is powered up, then connect a wire between the 3.3V header on the Netduino and the small gold square directly below digital pin D0 as shown in Figure A-3. Applying power to this pad for half a second will erase the Netduino’s firmware.

Applying 3.3V power to the erase pad

Figure A-3. Applying 3.3V power to the erase pad

Now, unplug and reconnect your Netduino. Windows should detect a new serial port, which is a virtual serial port that will enable you to update the bootloader.

Now start the SAM-BA CDC tool (Figure A-4). Select the COM port assigned to your Netduino and select a board type of at91sam7x512-ek. Press Connect.

Connecting to Netduino

Figure A-4. Connecting to Netduino


If there are multiple COM ...

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