Representing data in code

We are first going to expose the journeys that users can select from, so create a new folder called meander in GOPATH, and add the following journeys.go code:

package meander type j struct { Name string PlaceTypes []string } var Journeys = []interface{}{ &j{Name: "Romantic", PlaceTypes: []string{"park", "bar", "movie_theater", "restaurant", "florist", "taxi_stand"}}, &j{Name: "Shopping", PlaceTypes: []string{"department_store", "cafe", "clothing_store", "jewelry_store", "shoe_store"}}, &j{Name: "Night Out", PlaceTypes: []string{"bar", "casino", "food", "bar", "night_club", "bar", "bar", "hospital"}}, &j{Name: "Culture", PlaceTypes: []string{"museum", "cafe", "cemetery", "library", "art_gallery"}}, &j{Name: "Pamper", PlaceTypes: ...

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