Sometimes what we don’t say is more important than what we do say. In that spirit, AdWords provides a number of tools for excluding sites, topics, categories, and even specific viewers from seeing your ads.

Excluding Sites and Categories

The Site and Category Exclusion Tool works only with Google content network sites (e.g., not on search results pages). This tool lets you control the context of your advertising by excluding:

  • Domains

  • Subject matter (topics)

  • Video (media types)

  • Page categories

To start the Exclusion Tool, click the “More tools…” link under the Opportunities tab, and then click the Site and Category Exclusion link.

To exclude a domain, subdomain, or directory within a domain, enter the URL(s) you want to exclude in the Sites box, as shown in Figure 12-5.

Google’s TOS (Terms of Service) exclude many kinds of overtly objectionable content from the Google content network. Think of these exclusions as a way to keep out X-rated content, such as pornography.

At your discretion as an advertiser, you can ratchet the content your ads display against down a notch further, well into R-rated territory, by selecting the kind of content you want to exclude, as shown in Figure 12-6.

You can exclude individual sites on the Google content network

Figure 12-5. You can exclude individual sites on the Google content network

Excluding by topic is a way to help ensure that your ads appear in appropriate settings

Figure 12-6. Excluding ...

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