Chapter 4. Showcasing Your Stuff with Google Base

In This Chapter

  • Using Google Base to find products and services

  • Putting your own information on Google Base

  • Keeping your Google Base data up to date

When you conduct a search with Google, you're looking through a worldwide index of information. Google crawls the entire Internet, looking for the information to provide what you're looking for. However, a relatively new service — Google Base — makes Google as much a database as an index. Google Base is a repository for all kinds of information, all of it searchable from a simple series of text fields. It enables you to make your work known to the entire world without having to put up a Web site of your own.

Finding Products and Services

As with many of Google's powerful services, your first step to using Google Base is deceptively simple. When you point your browser to, you see the very simple screen shown in Figure 4-1.

Your first view of Google Base.

Figure 4.1. Your first view of Google Base.

Google provides a popular sample of the things you can find on Google Base, as well as the ways you can post items on Google Base. Finally, there's a simple text field where you can enter search terms and start looking through Google's vast repository of knowledge.

Searching on Google Base

Because you can search for practically everything on Google, let's start with a tool many people use as part of their small ...

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